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Harry and Susan Hudson

Above: Harry and Susan Hudson outside their home River View, The Terrace, Snape. Harry owned and operated the mill until 1920

The mill during demolition

Above: The mill during demolition

Historic documents

These are placed in the Suffolk Record Office

18th March 1797
Indenture, Lease 30 perches of land for 99 years from 10th October 1797 @ £2 10s per annum. Mr Philip Fenton to Mr William Ship and Mr John Hunt.

5th January 1831
Copy admission of William Hurren

Abstract of title, Mr William Hurren, copyholder. Lists occupiers back to pre 1732

Abstract of title exors late William Hurren Esq.

7th January 1836
Bond as collateral security for £500, Mary Ship and others to Mr William Wainwright.

7th January 1836
Bargain and sale of copyhold land and hereditaments and assignment of a windmill. Mr Davy Hurren and Mr Isaac Backett to Mrs Mary Ship

7th January 1836
Deed of covenant, surrender of copyhold land and assignment of a windmill to secure £500. Mrs Mary Ship to Mr William Wainwright and Mr Thomas Grimwood.

9th January 1836
Admission of Mary Ship.

16th January 1836
Conditional Surrender of copyhold land, Mary Ship to William Wainwright and Thomas Grimwood.

28th October 1847
Acknowledgement of satisfaction William Wainwright to Mary Ship

28th October 1847
Conditional surrender copyhold land, Mary Ship to Frederick Steele.

28th October 1847
Deed of covenant, conditional surrender and assignment Mary Ship to Frederick Steele.

7th August 1851
Assignment of £300 and securities, Frederick Steele and another to Mrs Susan Wooly

15th October 1855
Deed of Covenant and absolute surrender and assignment of windmill Mary Ship and others to John Chenery.

15th October 1855
Absolute surrender, Mary Ship to John Chenery.

15th December 1855
Admission of Mr John Chenery.

16th February 1872
Abstract of Title on sale to WS Kett

27th February 1872
Requisition of Title, questions and answers - John Read, purchaser's solicitor.

20th March 1872
Memorandum regarding dispute over land and a fowl house William Scarff Kett and Abraham Abbott (settled for £1)

3rd April 1872
Conveyance of copyhold and windmill, Mrs H Chenery to Mr William Scarff Kett.

12th June 1872
Admission of Mr William Scarff Kett.

3rd October 1872
Mortgage securing £300 @ 5% William Scarff Kett to Mr John Read.

18th October 1882
Deed Of Covenant for sale William Scarff Kett to Joseph Lee for £500.

16th July 1891
Deed Of Covenant for securing £400 @ 4.5% Harry Hudson to Mrs Charlotte Garrett.

9th October 1891
Covenant for sale of copyhold and windmill Mrs Emma Jane Lee to Harry Hudson

11th September 1891
Abstract of Title exors Joseph Lee.

21st October 1891
Admission of Harry Hudson

11th & 27th January 1892
Conditional Surrender W S Kett and Mary Elizabeth Kett, Harry and Susannah Rebecca Hudson to Mrs Charlotte Garrett in the sum of £400.

13th January 1892
Solicitor's receipted bill for Conditional Surrender above. Southwell and Fry £6 0s 2d Mayhew and Sons £1 16s 4d.

20th May 1897
Solicitor's receipted bill Geo Lyus and Son to exors Mrs Charlotte Garrett re Hudson's mortgage, £2 2s.

17th May 1897
Acknowledgement of satisfaction conditional surrender January 1892, Exors Mrs Charlotte Garrett to Hudson and Kett.

20th September 1897
Deed of Enfranchisement copyhold and windmill Lord Hylton and others to W S Kett.

20th September 1897
Ditto Lord Hylton and others to Harry Hudson.

5th October 1897
Receipts from Mayhew and Sons for above, W S Kett £77 4s 6d, Harry Hudson £12 14s.

1st April 1921
Conveyance of land etc Harry Hudson to Mr F J Wilson for £600.

2nd April 1921
Mortgage £200 F J Wilson to Harry Hudson.

12th August 1925
Statutory Declaration of Harry Hudson.

12th August 1925
Conveyance Harry Hudson to E W and W H Self for £400

18th August 1925
Conveyance E W and W H Self to E A and B J Barnes for £480.

19th August 1925
Mortgage E A and B J Barnes to E W Self £380.

31st July 1937
Abstract of Title Bertie John Barnes.

8th September 1937
Statutory Declaration of Bertie John Barnes.

8th September 1937
Conveyance B J Barnes to E B Britten for £450.

1st December 1947
Agreement of tenancy E B Britten to Mrs June Billows monthly rent £8 6s 8d

29th October 1953
Redemption of Tithe annuities £3 15s 7d

? 1955
Abstract of Title E B Britten

21st June 1955
Conveyance E B Britten to Mrs P M Terry for £2850

10th August 1955
Redemption of land tax certificate £1 7s 6d

10th June 1968
Memorandum of agreement, land acquisition for new footpath.

Insurance Policies

22nd June 1801
Norwich Union, mill, gear, buildings, stock in trade, dwelling house and chattels £550, premium 1 guinea.

3rd January 1883
Atlas Assurance Co, all as above £540, premium £1 16s 6d.

10th January 1940
Norwich Union, house and contents £2000, premium £3 5s 9d. Policy endorsed to say Britten living in America.

Former owners of the mill

Elizabeth Paulson
Thomas Smith
John Aldrich
Samuel Aldrich

Philip Fenton
William Fenton
(William Hambling Fenton?)
William Ship
Mary Ship (Wife of the above,)
Frederick Steele
John Chenery
Hannah Chenery (Wife of the above)
Joseph Lee
Emma Jane Lee (His wife)
Harry Hudson
Susannah Hudson
Abraham Abbott (of the Fowl house dispute family? But this was in 1872)

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The mill just prior to conversion

The mill just prior to conversion